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Daughter Continues Mother's Legacy


It started with tea.

When Marjorie May was living in Rydal Park, a Sister from Redeemer Health would visit and share news about Redeemer's mission to care, comfort and heal.

She also brought Marjorie tea. Those friendly visits helped inspire Marjorie to make a big decision.

As Marjorie searched for meaningful causes to support at year's end, her financial advisor suggested Redeemer. There was something special about a faith-based organization that resonated with Marjorie.

Marjorie's philanthropic legacy continues with her daughter, Nancy Copple.

Nancy, now over 90 years old, grew up in the Elkins Park/Jenkintown area. Her uncle was a local physician and her mother was passionate about supporting Redeemer, including as a volunteer. Nancy herself had limited ties with the organization.

Then her husband, Norval, had a stroke.

"We were down in Ocean City, N.J., and he needed home care," Nancy recalled. "I'm not a nurse, though I tried. The Redeemer staff that came to our aid were absolutely wonderful."

Nancy noticed the home care workers assisting Norval did so with a level of compassion and dedication she had not seen before. These caregivers treated their profession as a calling, not just a job.

"I fell in love with Redeemer and all the aspects of that society down on the Jersey Shore," Nancy said.

During this time, the Copples also met a special Sister of the Redeemer, Sr. Mary Anne McDonagh, CSR. A woman with sparkling eyes who always smiled, Sr. Mary Anne is remembered by many as an energetic visionary and beautiful spirit who engaged people to accomplish monumental tasks in service to others.

"She was an example of how somebody should live," Nancy said.

Nancy decided to follow her mother's footsteps and donate to Redeemer each year.

"I know that I have been very blessed and I feel there is a need to give back," Nancy said.

Through her generosity, Nancy became a member of The Eppinger Society, named for Blessed Alphonse Maria Eppinger, founder of the Sisters of the Redeemer. Members make an annual gift to sustain the vision she began more than 200 years ago.

Nancy recently celebrated her 24th giving anniversary. She enjoys visits and conversations with members of our Philanthropy team, who update her on developments throughout Redeemer Health. That personal touch ties into Redeemer's core values of hospitality and stewardship, making her feel valued as a donor and helping her understand what is needed.

Redeemer uses Life Story Coaching to help people recognize and develop their talents and passions. Nancy's Redeemer chapter in her Life Story is summarized in her statement: "I hope that God will continue to bless all of you who serve at Redeemer. You're serving those in need in the name of God. What better cause could you dedicate your life to?"

We invite you to inspire others by getting involved and making a difference individually or with your family. Please contact the Redeemer Health Office of Philanthropy at
215-914-4000 or giving@holyredeemer.com, or visit www.redeemerhealth.org/giving/ways-give.