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Redeemer Health Medical Messaging

Live Answering Service

When you partner with Redeemer Health Medical Messaging, you enjoy a virtual extension of your practice. We offer a live answering service that can handle remote receptionist duties, after-hours calls, overflow, and even voicemail.

This reassures each patient that their call is important to you and that they will receive a prompt response from you or a member of your staff -- no matter when they need you.

Our integrated, state-of-the-art technology allows us to customize our services to meet your most demanding needs. For example, each physician, nurse, or staff member can have a different set of contact instructions.

Count on Redeemer Health Medical Messaging for:

  • Remote receptionist services.
  • Daytime overflow services: We handle overflow calls to prevent busy signals during busy times, or during the lunch hour, holidays, meetings, and even during severe weather.
  • After-hours emergency dispatch.
  • Voice mail, with multiple, individualized greetings if you prefer.
  • Flexible message delivery - by fax, digital or alpha pager, voicemail, cell phone, or cell phone texting.

Voice Mail Systems

With Redeemer Health Medical Messaging, the way you manage your voice mail is entirely up to you.

  • Check your voice mail at your convenience, or be automatically notified of pending messages.
  • Have emergency-only calls paged to you immediately, even after hours. Your patients can even have an option to speak with an operator or leave a voice message for next-day retrieval.
  • You can designate mailboxes just for appointments, referrals, prescription refills, insurance, and billing issues -- it's your choice!

Remote Receptionist

For small practices, or for larger practices that are extremely busy, Redeemer Health Medical Messaging can become your virtual, offsite, around-the-clock receptionist.

  • We can handle your calls all day, or only during busy times.
  • We can relieve your staff, allowing them to catch up on filing, billing, and other important tasks.
  • You can operate your practice with fewer full-time clerical employees.
  • Open configuration options

Our History

For more than 20 years, Medical Massaging has delivered quality, efficient and effective answering services to the area's finest healthcare professionals. You can confidently rely on us for our 24-7 availability, our total professionalism, and our ability to tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is reflected in everything we do, including the way we help you communicate with your patients. The professionals at Medical Massaging realize that your practice is busy and demanding. We're here to help you manage your workload, by hiring, training, and educating our staff to be the perfect complement to yours. You can also be assured that confidentiality and security meet and exceed your own exacting standards -- we are 100% HIPPA compliant. Whether you need to supplement your staff or require service when your practice is closed, you can count on Medical Massaging to inform, calm and reassure each and every caller.


The Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) has been called "the gold standard" for excellence in the industry.

Redeemer Health Medical Massaging has received the Award of Excellence five years in a row. It is a tribute to each individual who works hard, every day, to make us one of the most respected answering service companies in the nation.

Q: What information does the operator obtain from the caller?

A: That's completely up to you. Whether you prefer our operators to simply take a name and call-back information, or to ask more detailed questions, we're able to comply.

Q: How can I obtain my messages?

A: Whichever way you prefer. You can choose to receive messages via fax, any wireless device (such as a PDA), digital or alpha pager, or e-mail. We can even call you directly on your home, office, or cell phone, or send a text message if you like.

Q: Can I update my information easily?

A: A Supervisor/Team Leader is on duty from 7:30 am until 11:00 pm every day of the week. He or she can update your messages or message delivery preferences at your request. After 11:00 pm, emergency changes can easily be made by the Team Leader on call.

Q: How quickly can I get started?

A: Typically, we can have your customized service ready within one to three days. Simpler service plans may take even less time!

For more information, rates, or to set up an appointment, please call or e-mail Paula Markey, Customer Relations Coordinator