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Hospital at Home

Hospital-level care that you expect from Holy Redeemer Hospital, in the comfort of your own home.

The first of its kind in the Philadelphia region, Redeemer Health's Hospital at Home program enables qualifying Medicare patients to obtain hospital-level acute care in the comfort of their home if they are stable and desire acute care services in the home. A few conditions that might be treated in the home include recurrent COPD, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, cellulitis, and many other medical-surgical conditions.

Patients enter the program from either Holy Redeemer Hospital’s emergency department or an inpatient unit and receive the following: 

  • Twice daily visits from Hospital at Home staff, including RNs to check your vital signs and complete treatments and assessments
  • Daily visits from our doctors or nurse practitioners, in person or through a computer tablet
  • On-call access to medical professionals 24/7 to respond to urgent or immediate needs
  • Transportation to and from Holy Redeemer Hospital if needed
  • Support from our entire team including social workers, pastoral care, and physical therapists
  • Delivery and set up of any necessary equipment you may need including oxygen, medications, IVs, and medical equipment
  • Simple remote monitoring devices using Redeemer Health-issued equipment such as an electronic tablet, blood pressure cuff, and scale
  • Three meals a day, ordered by our dieticians and delivered to your home, if desired
  • Care coordination including scheduling and follow-up appointments

Currently, the Hospital at Home program can accommodate traditional Medicare and Aetna Medicare patients. Other qualifying criteria include safety of the home environment, family support, and proximity to the hospital. The next time that hospital-level care is required for you or your loved one, ask to speak to someone about the benefits of the Hospital at Home Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are admitted to Holy Redeemer Hospital, your physician will inform you if you meet the criteria for a Hospital at Home stay. At that time, a care manager will fully explain the program to you and your family.

Program participation is optional. If you determine this program is appropriate, all services will be coordinated carefully with your physician and caregivers.

Just remember your home is now an extension of the hospital. We will monitor your progress in a variety of ways, including: at least two daily visits from Redeemer Health clinicians, daily virtual consultations with your physician and specialists, and remote monitoring that is connected to Holy Redeemer Hospital.

Yes! We had you in mind when we designed this program! You do not need to know how to operate a computer or even have internet service in your home. We have it!

Our RNs will guide you and your caregiver to make sure you are comfortable. You can always connect with your care team with a touch of a button. Access is available 24/7.

This is no additional cost to you. Hospital at Home is billed in the same way as traditional inpatient care. The exact costs and details are specific to your insurance plan.

Many people find being cared for in the familiar surrounding of their own home to be a more comfortable and restful experience than recovering in a hospital.

Having you at home may also be more convenient for your loved ones.

No. Just like if you staying within the walls of a hospital, for your health and safety we require that you remain at home while in the Hospital at Home program.

The Hospital at Home program is fully integrated with Redeemer Health services. You will receive any needed blood tests right in your home. Imaging such as chest X-rays can be arranged as a mobile home visit.

In the event therapy is needed, a home visit or video consultation will be arranged. If an unexpected test is required (MRI), we will provide transportation to the hospital for the test, at no cost to you.