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Redeemer Health Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment

Redeemer Health’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is rooted in our mission to Care, Comfort and Heal all those in need, and our Values to treat everyone with respect, fairness, empathy and compassion. We seek to uphold a diverse, equitable and inclusive organizational culture, a respectful workplace environment and partnerships to address healthcare disparities and disproportionate care for individuals, groups and communities.

How Will We Accomplish This?
Our strategy focuses on six key areas:

  1. Recruitment and Retention – Recruit, develop, mentor, promote and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  2. Education and Training – Provide intentional and culturally competent education opportunities to all staff.
  3. Community Partnerships and Collaborations – Establish relationships and partnerships that support addressing health disparities and inequities that our communities may experience.
  4. Communication – Implement accessible and equitable communication tools and processes that are inclusive and that advance multi-cultural understanding.
  5. Recognition and Celebration – Develop a plan to recognize and celebrate Redeemer Health's diverse people, cultures and beliefs.
  6. Compensation and Policy – Consistently assess compensation and policies to ensure equity across all positions. 

Employee Driven and Governance Guided
Redeemer’s strategic DEI initiatives have been determined with input from employees, members of the community, our Board, our leaders and others. We also engaged outside experts who have experience helping organizations develop strategies to foster an inclusive workplace environment. We conducted multiple listening sessions with employees across the Health System and conducted a comprehensive assessment examining our cultural behaviors, attitudes, values and beliefs as they relate to people, policy and practice.