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Music Makes a More Meaningful Experience in Senior Behavioral Health Unit (SBHU)


The extraordinary care delivered in the Senior Behavioral Health Unit (SBHU) at Holy Redeemer Hospital resulted in a donation from a grateful family. Their philanthropy, in turn, has brought music to patients' ears. The family of a former patient made it possible to stream music in all SBHU inpatient rooms. Now it's as easy as saying "play Frank Sinatra" and Fly Me to the Moon will fill a patient's room with magical melodies and memories.

Go no further than a quick Google search to find reams of research that support music's therapeutic benefits:

  • It reduces anxiety and the physical effects of stress.
  • It improves healing.
  • It helps manage disease.
  • It eases depression and other symptoms in the elderly.
  • It helps improve self-expression and communication.

Music's profound effects on us are physical, psychological, cognitive and social. And now it's available in the SBHU space with a simple voice prompt. The goal of the installation was to enhance a patient's ability to be in an environment of their own choice, creating their own experiences and evoking meaningful memories. Said the grateful family about their donation: "(We) wish the music to bring a bit of peace in your soul and to comfort you."

Each patient room has been outfitted with ADA-compliant controls for music selection and volume, as well as integration with patient hearing aids. The common rooms in the unit also now have 60-inch televisions with Bluetooth headphones for patients.