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Life Story Coaching

Live the Life You Want Through Life Story Coaching

Life Story Coaching is designed to activate and transform those who seek change in their lives. It harnesses the power of story through a process that enables individuals to recognize and develop the talents and passions they have, and to bring them out into the world to be shared. Holy Redeemer Life Story Coaching helps people pursue their goals and dreams because when people do that, it unlocks powerful potential, drive, happiness and discovery.

Holy Redeemer’s “power of story” experience culture is infused in our life coaching process, helping people create a life plans that helps them see past their problems to their possibilities by understanding that the stories they tell themselves today can be changed to allow them to live new, more powerful and transformational ones.

Create your LIFE PLAN with a Life Story Coach

Your LIFE PLAN is unique to you. It is the result of the work you and your Life Story Coach do that lays out the direction you choose to improve your life. This plan will be descriptive to what you have within yourself, your unique talents and gifts, those you bring into your life and into the world. These plans are flexible and fluid, providing many paths to success.

Your Life Story Coach uses the power of commitment and the coaching relationship to achieve beneficial and measurable results holistically and very often transformational. They focus on the present and the future, and they begin with the fundamental belief that all individuals are creative, resourceful, and whole and have everything they need to transform themselves. Life Story Coaches use the process of inquiry to help you reflect and identify your priorities, strengths and values and to determine what might be holding you back, and then together you create your LIFE PLAN.

Meet Our Life Story Coaches

Our Life Story Coaches bring years of experience successfully working with others to achieve their goals and dreams. Each of them is unique in their approach and specialty and you will find one or more will be exactly what you are looking for in a life coach.

Laura Bozarth, M.Ed.
Laura is a Wellness and Life Coach who educates and supports women by providing them with techniques to end self-sabotage and indecision so they can succeed in improving their relationships, careers and lives. She enjoys helping people discover their own path to creating more freedom in their lives. She is a Martha Beck certified coach and is a certified mind body coach, and a faculty member of the Mind Body Coach University.

Mary de Angeli, M.Ed., Ed.S. 
As a Board Certified Coach, Mary encourages clients to write a new life story. A key benefit of the coaching relationship is to not only know who you are, but have more clarity about what you want. For example, aligning your life's purpose with your top values and strengths allows the best version of yourself to emerge. As result of making conscious choices and positive changes, life becomes more balanced. The ultimate goal is the freedom to be authentic, and develop healthy relationships with others.  The power to create a life full of more happiness and well-being is waiting for you. Since you are the author of your life story, are you ready to begin?

Sue Dinnocenti, Ph.D.
Positivity Coaching is Sue’s passion. She is a positivity and health and wellness coach dedicated to guide people to live their best lives. Her practice is built on Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry. She champions her clients to become their best self utilizing the strengths and spirit within you. Sue is certified by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach and as a Master Coach, and a Certified Health & Wellness Coach from MentorCoach.

Karen Jayne
Karen has been an ICF-certified life coach for over a decade. Her passion lies in helping people enhance their relationship with themselves, by increasing their self-awareness and self-love. Karen uses skilled listening and strong intuition to mirror and bring clarity to her clients. She then supports them in proactively shifting their thoughts, language, and behaviors to enable them to co-create more of what they truly desire to experience in their life.

Florence Moyer, M.Ed., MBA
Florence believes that this the perfect time to live and work in ways that leverage our strengths and values, serves others, and supports our purpose. She helps her clients get clear, make wise decisions and effectively navigate toward their goals amid the rapid change and complexity of today’s world. Florence is a Martha Beck Master Certified Life Coach.

Rachel Pritz, RN, MSN
Rachel is a nurse and former healthcare executive. Her passion is for coaching mothers towards living their best lives. It’s easy to lose yourself in motherhood and push aside your own needs. Rachel helps women rediscover who they are and jump back into the driver’s seat of their own lives. Mom guilt is not a requirement, but it is a limiting belief that can be unraveled. Rachel is a trained Martha Beck Coach and she coaches executives, professionals, and individuals to living out the most authentic version of themselves.

Tracey Specter, ACC, MAPP
Coaching is Tracey’s dream job. She is a certified life and leadership coach for non-profit professionals, educators, and students. Before coaching, Tracey spent more than 30 years in the non-profit and educational leadership arena helping individuals and organizations thrive. Working toward enhancing a client’s wellness is central to her coaching. She starts each session with a short meditation to help center and focus clients. She creates a safe space where clients can drop defenses, examine challenges, and fully consider and explore desires and goals. Tracey has a Master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mara Wai, M.Ed.
Mara Wai, M.Ed. is a mind-body coach who supports her clients to align their attention and energy for healing, growth and self-transformation. With mindfulness and mind-body tools, her clients deepen awareness of mind and body conditioned patterns that exacerbate pain, prolong suffering or are simply no longer resonant with what they want out of life. Her clients come to experience greater ease in body, clarity in mind and a grounded sense of self-trust to discern and take just-right life actions. In addition to her work as a coach, Mara is the Associate Director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness where she oversees administration and facilitates Mindfulness-based Stress Management programs.

Have any questions? Are you ready to create your Life Story plan?

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