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Abby's Story


Cancer Met a Match

Abby Match is a vivacious, fun-loving woman -   mother, wife, dog-owner and breast cancer thriver.  Diagnosed at 35, Abby is passionate about informing women, especially young women, about the importance of screening, treatment and breast cancer awareness.

In March 2020, Abby was showering when she found a tiny lump in her armpit. She thought it was just a cyst. But by July, it had grown large enough for her to hold in her palm and a few months later she found out it was triple-negative breast cancer.

Abby got several opinions and felt she had decided on her treatment plan, but a friend told her she had to see Dr. Mehta from Redeemer Health in partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper. 


“To be honest, I secretly wanted to hate him,” says Abby. “ I thought I had made my decision, but he spoke one sentence, and the compassion and hope he gave me, I said this is where I need to be. He looked deeper. He knew the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes when the others didn’t. Who would say no to someone who wanted to aggressively save your life?” In fact, Abby and her husband realized there was yet another sign that this was meant to be.  “If you put Dr. Mehta’s name together with my last name you get Mehta Match - Cancer Met a Match, this became my anthem.”

Abby faced cancer with a positive attitude and quiet confidence. Walking into the infusion suite for the first time she recalls thinking, “I got this.” This assurance and peace of mind was sparked by all of the compassionate, kind people at Redeemer Health in partnership with MD Anderson at Cooper who supported her through eight rounds of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

"My husband could not go with me to chemo because of the pandemic, but they made an exception. They allowed my husband to come to one treatment because they saw it was important for him, to see what I was going through. They even invited my five-year-old daughter to look through the window to wave to me one day. These things may seem small, but they were really important for my family.”

She recalls how the convenience and accessibility to her appointments made her journey easier. “After treatment when I was not feeling well, I was so grateful I didn’t have to travel far to get home.”

“I want people to know that they have an amazing option close to home to get leading cancer care. A place that is special, not just because they cure cancer, but because they care. Hope is instilled the moment you walk in the door, you will feel different, for the better.” 

When Abby did complete her chemotherapy she rang the bell, outside in the garden. “My daughter thought it was the most beautiful place  - and so do I.” 

“I want to share my story to help others who may be going through this, so they know what to expect and where they could reach out, but also to raise awareness that breast cancer can happen even at 35.

This journey I’m on, it’s not where I saw my life going, but I’m going to make something of it. I’m going to make pink lemonade out of all the lemons. And that’s the best thing I can take from this experience.”

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