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Her Story Might Have Ended Differently: How a Simple Device Saved Danni from Chronic Lymphedema


In just under 60 seconds, a simple device with electrodes made it possible for Danni to avoid lifelong lymphedema after her double mastectomy.

Danni Blauser, an active nurse, wife, and mother, discovered a lump in her armpit. Having had a mammogram six months earlier, she wasn't immediately concerned. But when the lump grew, she sought medical attention and was sent for a subsequent mammogram and ultrasound.

Just two days later, Danni underwent a breast biopsy, performed by Dr. Stacy Krisher, Medical Director of the Breast Health Program at Redeemer Health in partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper.

The diagnosis revealed breast cancer, leading to a treatment plan that included a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Following her mastectomy, Danni developed cording (or banding) in her lymph nodes, restricting movement in her left arm.

A common concern after breast surgery, lymphedema, or abnormal swelling, occurs when the natural flow of lymphatic drainage is disrupted, leading to the buildup of protein-rich fluid. It usually occurs in the arm or hand on the side where the breast surgery was performed.

Thanks to early intervention and vigilant monitoring, a standard that differentiates the Breast Health Program, Danni's journey took a fortunate turn. With the use of a non-invasive digital tool that detects lymphedema before fluid builds up and symptoms become recognizable, Danni's condition was identified at its earliest stage - while it was still reversible.

Danni wore a compression sleeve every day for a month and also went for lymphedema therapy, which improved her range of motion. She still keeps up with stretch exercises at home and continues to get regular assessments to make sure her numbers remain at pre-surgery levels.

Without the proactive monitoring and detection of lymphedema when reversal was still possible, Danni's story could have taken quite a different path.

She continues to improve every day, occasionally wearing the compression sleeve for support and being extra careful not to get cuts, scratches, or injections in that arm.

Danni is grateful for the vigilance and continuous monitoring she received throughout her breast health journey. Even more important, she is thankful for the simple, non-invasive device that saved her from experiencing life-long chronic lymphedema.

With hope in her heart and a positive outlook toward the future, Danni remains the best mom, wife, and nurse to all who need her!

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