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Congratulations all of our Top Docs


It is always an honor to be nominated by your peers and recognized as a Top Doc in Philadelphia Magazine. This year congratulates the following employed and affiliated physicians for receiving the award.

We appreciate each of our physicians for their service and commitment to care. All of our skilled, compassionate professionals provide personalized, customized care to help you live your best life.

Dr. John R Frederick
Dr. David R Goldstein
Dr. Marcia M Klein
Dr. Stacy L Krisher
Dr. Craig R Lem
Dr. Lawrence J Leventhal
Dr. David L Litt
Dr. Mark J Mullen
Dr. Andrew J Mustin
Dr. Mona L Nedjar
Dr. Galina Privorotsky
Dr. Hong S Ra
Dr. Keith E Sadel
Dr. Jessica A Berman
Dr. Joseph M Bruno
Dr. Marc Chernoff
Dr. Harris B Cohen
Dr. Brian C Cronin
Dr. Jason A Damsker
Dr. Steven A Fassler
Dr. Martin F Freedman
Dr. Gregg S Gagliardi
Dr. Victor E Ghantous
Dr. Eric B Goosenberg
Dr. Harvey Guttmann
Dr. Lee Jaffee
Dr. Soo Y Kim
Dr. Felice H LePar
Dr. Ho Pak
Dr. Peter V Pickens
Dr. Joseph L Potz
Dr. Daniel A Ringold
Dr. Rachel E Rosen
Dr. Michael Seidman
Dr. Ned M Weiss
Dr. D Mark Zebley
Dr. Michael Rachshtut
Dr. Jocelyn T Kuryan
Dr. Brad Paddock
Dr. Steven D Smith
Dr. Arthur J Castelbaum
Dr. Aaila I Chaudhry
Dr. Jacqueline N Gutmann
Dr. Colleen P Halfpenny

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