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A Legacy to Care, Comfort and Heal

This story—one of shared values, a penchant to serve, and a calling to heal—begins four decades ago when Dr. John Kuryan, now an allergy and asthma specialist, and his wife, Dr. Jocelyn Kuryan, now an ophthalmologist, were children growing up in Northeast Philadelphia. Both youngsters were flanked by relatives who made their career at Holy Redeemer. “Both of our mothers were nurses, and many people in our family worked in health care. We also had several family members working in the Holy Redeemer Health System,” says Dr. John.

As early as childhood, Dr. John knew he wanted to practice medicine. He identifies Holy Redeemer as a catalyst that inspired his penchant to serve and heal. Afflicted by allergies and asthma as a young boy, he vividly remembers the attentive care he received in Holy Redeemer’s Emergency Department for a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction to cashew nuts.

On the whole, Holy Redeemer was an indelible presence in the lives of Dr. John, his parents, and siblings. “My family routinely sought care with Redeemer doctors. Also, both of my brothers volunteered at the Hospital. When I started high school, I began to volunteer here as well. I worked at the reception desk and in the gift shop. I also delivered newspapers to patients in their hospital rooms.”

A Joint Destiny

As children, Dr. John and Dr. Jocelyn lived within miles of each other. Both shared similar backgrounds and values. Yet, their joint destiny didn’t converge until young adulthood. “We met in college through a mutual friend and have been together ever since,” says Dr. Jocelyn.

In the early years of their marriage, the couple lived and practiced medicine in New York. While they cherished their time there, both were overjoyed at the chance to return home and establish roots in Huntingdon Valley with their three children “At heart, we’re Philadelphia lifers. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to come full circle and be able to work with the hospital where I received care as a child,” says Dr. John.

Actually, coming full circle for both doctors has continued to reveal an uncanny and ever-deepening bond with their Redeemer family. “Our whole street is filled with Redeemer doctors,” laughs Dr. John. And, adds Dr. Jocelyn, “My cousin, Dr. Melissa John, is currently an internal medicine physician on staff at Holy Redeemer. Redeemer really is a part of our family.”

The expansive journey of each doctor mirrors the expanded reach of Redeemer across our region. In 2012, Dr. John joined Allergy & Asthma Care, a practice with offices located at Holy Redeemer’s Medical Office Building, as well as in Richboro, Northeast Philadelphia, and soon in Willow Grove. That same year, Dr. Jocelyn joined the Southampton-based Tri-County Eye, now called Tri-Century Eye Care since its alliance with another Bucks County practice, Century Eye Care. “We both feel privileged to be on staff at Redeemer and to be part of this community of physicians,” says Dr. John.

The Next Generation

Now, a new generation of Kuryans is beginning their Holy Redeemer legacy. In 2015, the doctors’ third child, Joshua, was born at Holy Redeemer Hospital. Their second child, Sonya, loves spending time in both of her parents’ offices and learning about medicine. Their oldest daughter, Maya, wants to be an allergist just like her dad. “She’s telling everyone that’s what she wants to do. And, being a homebody, she doesn’t want to stray far from here. Like us, she’s a Philly lifer too!” says Dr. Jocelyn. 

The Kuryans are fostering their children’s penchant to serve and care for people by instilling in them Redeemer’s mission to care, comfort and heal. It’s a set of values that inspires the Kuryans to serve vulnerable populations even beyond the precincts of the Philadelphia area. Together with their children they have traveled to India to provide care for impoverished women and children. “Redeemer’s mission of serving people in need really resonates with us, and it is a central part of our family life. We plan to have our family participate in more of these mission trips in the future,” says Dr. John.

From Northeast Philadelphia, to New York, to India, to Huntingdon Valley, the Kuryans cherish their personal and professional life journey and today are extraordinarily grateful for their children, the proximity of their family and friends, the alliance they have with their Redeemer family, and the hundreds of Redeemer patients they are able to impact. “Dreams do come true. We have been—and always will be—very connected to this area. We cherish being part of this community,” says Dr. Jocelyn.

What Is Your Story?

As a long-established community health system, Holy Redeemer plays a rich part in many family histories. Our caring and compassionate Redeemer family often has the privilege to celebrate special milestones with generations of parents and children. We want to hear your story! In what ways has Holy Redeemer walked alongside your family to provide care and comfort through the years? Have we inspired within your family a call to heal, to serve, or to give? Use the comment box below to share your story with us.

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