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Redeemer Health: A Lifelong Health Partner


With four children under the age of eight, Liz Daly juggles an active calendar—but throughout her busy life one constant has endured: Redeemer Health has been at the side of her family over multiple generations.

On May 8th, Liz delivered her son Teddy at Holy Redeemer Hospital, broadening the legacy established by her mother-in-law, who delivered all five of her children at the Hospital, including Liz’s husband Austin.

It’s remarkable in and of itself to share in a family’s growth as Redeemer Health has been able to do, but the Daly family connection runs even deeper. During his lifetime, Austin’s father, who sadly passed away in 1998, was a member of the Redeemer Health family as a practicing urologist.

Not unlike his father, Austin himself is a physician, although his specialty is oral and maxillofacial surgery. After completing a surgical residency at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, both he and Liz were overjoyed they were able to move back to this area and plant roots in the Philadelphia suburbs.  

This fortunate turn of events may never have happened if not for a serendipitous conversation that occurred between Austin’s uncle and Dr. Michael Dachowski, a leader in oral and maxillofacial surgery who heads a practice that serves as the oral surgery group for Holy Redeemer Hospital.

During the conversation, it became clear that Austin’s father and Dr. Dachowski had been former colleagues. In fact, their offices had been across the hall from one another! Eventually, Dr. Dachowski asked Austin to join his practice, The Oral Surgery Group, located in the Redeemer Health Medical Office Building, as well as several other sites throughout the Philadelphia area. Liz too joined the practice and serves as its marketing director.

“We’re so grateful to Dr. Dachowski for taking us in and treating us like family. It was a great relief to know Austin had a job waiting for him and where we’d be moving, especially since we’d be back with loved ones again,” says Liz.

Coming Full Circle

Upon joining The Oral Surgery Group, Austin was delighted that, like his father, he was able to care for Redeemer patients. Yet, while Liz and Austin celebrated, even more happy news was in the offing. The two learned they were soon to be parents and, not surprisingly, Liz immediately aligned with Redeemer Health’s vibrant Redeemer Baby community. “I thought it would be nice, now that we were home, for me to deliver in the same place where Austin had been born and where we had so many connections.”

Liz says that she immediately felt comfortable at Redeemer Health throughout her pregnancy and both before and after her delivery. “I love that I was in a Catholic hospital. Seeing the cross on the wall after Teddy was born made me feel deeply connected and grateful for all that’s been given to us.”

“It was like a kind of homecoming and so comforting to be able to relax and enjoy this baby with our family close by. This whole journey has been a very emotional and rewarding experience.”

A Lifelong Health Partner

In addition to baby Teddy, Austin and Liz are the proud parents of three other children: seven-year-old Billy, five-year-old Claire, and three-year-old Olivia. Redeemer Health is honored to be such an important partner in the lives of Liz, Austin, and their children.

As with the Dalys, our caring and compassionate Redeemer family often has the privilege to nurture the health and well-being of generations of parents and children. We want to hear your story! Tell us how Redeemer Health has provided care and comfort to you and your family over the years.

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