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Nurse Navigators

Nurse Navigators

A diagnosis of cancer can be an overwhelming experience, bringing concern, anxiousness, and uncertainty about the next steps. Redeemer Health Nurse Navigators are here to help.

With special training in cancer care, our Nurse Navigators coordinate all aspects of care in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team, as well as provide compassionate support and clear education so patients feel confident to make informed decisions about their care.  

For more information about the Nurse Navigator program please call 215-938-3555.

Nurse Navigators offer guidance and support to patients with cancer throughout diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Patients can count on them to:

  • Coordinate care and schedule appointments 
  • Answer questions and listen to concerns
  • Clarify unfamiliar issues and medical terms
  • Act as a liaison between patients, doctors, and support services 
  • Assist with coordinating care during a patient's evaluation process
  • Provide educational support and resources
  • Support and encourage patients and their family members
  • Collaborate with patients to develop lifetime plan for survivorship

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Therese Dollard

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