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Take the First Steps Toward a Rewarding, High-Demand Career: Become a Certified Nurse Aide


Certified Nurse Aides, or CNAs, are highly valued professionals who play a vital role in various health care settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home health agencies.

CNAs provide direct care to patients who may be unable to care for themselves. This may include basic needs such as bathing, dressing, and feeding. Additionally, they offer emotional support to patients and help them feel less alone during their hospital stay or rehabilitation process. 

Great Personal Reward
For many CNAs, the fulfillment they receive from helping others is the most significant personal reward of all. Stephanie Cashley, who works in long-term care at Redeemer Health’s St. Joseph Manor, got her CNA certification in 2022 and treasures the meaningful relationships she has formed with residents and their families. 

No stranger to St. Joseph Manor, Stephanie began her career there as a housekeeper and remained in that role for four years. As she was approaching her fifth year, she explains how she felt drawn to take on additional tasks that could help to enrich the lives of residents, however, those tasks fell within the role of a CNA, which required necessary education and credentialing. 

“I was encouraged by colleagues at St. Joseph Manor to enroll in Bucks County Community College’s Nurse Aid Training program,” says Stephanie.
After careful thought, Stephanie was ready to take the leap, and just several months later she had all the necessary nurse aide education, training, and certification completed. 

“I get so much joy in my role as a CNA. I love to bring a smile to the faces of my residents. They know I am someone they can talk to and confide in. I also love that I am able to personally connect with and talk to the family members of my residents. The families really appreciate that I am here to assist on a daily basis and that I can keep them informed about their loved ones’ special moments throughout the day, says Stephanie. 

CNAs Can Expect to See the Field Greatly Expand
Besides the personal rewards of becoming a CNA, it’s equally encouraging to know that career prospects are very promising. The nurse aide profession is projected to grow by an impressive 25% over the next 15 years. This growth, coupled with the increasing demand for health care services, opens up opportunities for CNAs to earn rates averaging $17-$22+ per hour. 

In addition, becoming a CNA can serve as a stepping stone to further advance in the health care field. Many CNAs choose to continue their education and pursue higher levels of certification, such as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Registered Nurses (RNs).

Train and Get Certified in About Four Months!
If you believe becoming a CNA is the right career path for you, Redeemer Health, in partnership with Bucks County Community College, offers a three-month nurse aide training program that combines classroom education and practical experience at two Redeemer Health long-term care facilities: Lafayette and St. Joseph Manor. Classes run September 20-December 14, every Wednesday and Thursday.

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