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Redeemer Health Life Care Residents Delight in the Pleasures of Gardening


The English philosopher Francis Bacon once said, “Gardening is the purest of human pleasures.”

Now, researchers the world over can actually put science behind Bacon’s words uttered five centuries ago. Modern studies continue to find that gardening improves mood and self-esteem, fosters fellowship, and offers a respite from stress.

The recreation teams that organize leisure programs in the Redeemer Health Life Care communities of St. Joseph Manor and Lafayette, truly understand the essence of Bacon’s words and the validity of contemporary studies. Time and again, they see the priceless joy and connection that gardening brings to their residents. 

At St. Joseph Manor, residents can exercise their green thumb in a full-size, residential greenhouse that is attached to the community, as well as container gardens that adorn St. Joseph Manor’s beautiful courtyard. “It is lovely to see our residents tend to the plants and several of our gardens while enjoying the exercise that comes with gardening,” says Luljeta Muskaj, an activities coordinator at St. Joseph Manor.

While friendship and laughter blossoms in the greenhouse, so also does a cornucopia of good, wholesome food. “Residents have planted and grown eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, basil, parsley, and more. Once the vegetables grow, the residents get to enjoy the fruits of their labor by cooking the vegetables in dishes. In fact, they recently made eggplant parmesan,” enthusiastically declares Luljeta.

At Lafayette, residents cherish a thriving community garden that sits on the beautiful grounds of the community, which is surrounded by Pennypack Park. “Gardening, whether planting or just enjoying the atmosphere, cultivates a sense of community. The experience reminds a lot of our residents of fond gardening memories when they lived in their own homes, connecting their past to their present,” says Jillian Lockton, Manager of Wellness and Recreation at Lafayette.

Gardening is just one of the many life-enriching activities that Redeemer Life Care communities make available for residents. For more information about our Life Care communities, visit