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Moms-To-Be: Prepare for Birth with New Virtual Classes


Redeemer Baby is excited to announce our Childbirth Education and Prenatal Breastfeeding classes are now virtual! That’s right! Our most popular maternity classes are now available anytime, anywhere, and FREE of charge.

“In order to best meet your educational needs and keep you and your baby safe, we have moved to a virtual childbirth education platform,” says Childbirth Education instructor Susan Cordero.

Childbirth Education classes explore pregnancy, stages of labor, relaxation and breathing techniques, pain and pain relief, Cesarean birth, and recovery and postpartum after vaginal delivery. In Prenatal Breastfeeding, topics cover the benefits of breastfeeding, latching, and positioning, how long and how often to breastfeed, and breastfeeding resources and products.

Collette Acker has been teaching Prenatal Breastfeeding classes at Holy Redeemer for more than 20 years. “I was sad when the pandemic halted in-person classes, but thrilled when classes were moved online for new families,” she says. “Holy Redeemer won’t let COVID-19 stop us from providing excellent education and care.”

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