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Maternity Patient Stories


Redeemer Health Maternity is here with you throughout your most precious journey. From planning to become pregnant, to post-delivery, and beyond - our team of dedicated, experienced professionals are ready to assist.

Hear from a few moms who shared their experiences and offered words of advice with expectant moms!

Lilly, Mom and baby girl Kyla

"My experience at Holy Redeemer Hospital was amazing! I loved meeting all the doctors and my nurse practitioner. The doctors always put my peace of mind and health first," said Lilly.

"I would advise expectant moms to be honest and open with their doctor always! When I struggled with post-partum depression, I felt ashamed. The doctors at Holy Redeemer Hospital made me feel comfortable enough to voice my concerns with them. It made it so that I was able to finally enjoy motherhood and my new baby!"


Elise, Mom and baby girl Anna

"I had the absolute best experience at Holy Redeemer Hospital. The doctors and nurses were absolutely phenomenal and made my whole delivery experience amazing. They knew how anxious I was, understanding that this was my first delivery. In spite of that, the room was filled with laughter and excitement the entire time. Everyone cheered me on as I was pushing - I loved it!" said Elise.




Casey, Mom and baby boy Jax

"My experience overall at Holy Redeemer Hospital was absolutely amazing. I delivered my son via C-section and immediately after, I experienced an AFE (amniotic fluid embolism), DIC, kidney failure, and had to be intubated for over 24 hours. But with the amazing doctors and nurses at Holy Redeemer Hospital, I was given a second chance at life, and both myself and baby Jax are doing great!" said Casey.

"Being a Redeemer Mom is knowing that Jax and I were in the best hands possible for our care. Between the maternity doctors and nurses, ICU doctors and nurses, and the NICU doctors and nurses, everyone was absolutely amazing! The experience at Holy Redeemer Hospital is honestly the best!"

To find an OB/GYN near you, please click here. If you are expecting a new baby, be sure to visit RedeemerHealth.org/MaternityCare to take a virtual tour of Holy Redeemer Hospital's Labor and Delivery unit, access helpful educational resources and videos, and join our Redeemer Baby Online Community.