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Drueding Center Event Raises More than $200K to Help Homeless Families


Through Drueding Center’s annual Stairway to Our Future, the generosity of donors brought in more than $200,000 dollars to help the Center, an entity of Redeemer Health, continue its critical work of helping young families experiencing homelessness heal from trauma, restore hope, and end homelessness.

To keep all participants safe during the ongoing pandemic, the event was held virtually. While this is a relatively novel format, it successfully continued Drueding’s tradition of sharing with donors the significant impact of their generosity.

“In order for me to grow as a mother and as a young woman I had to really be open, not just with everyone here, but with myself and what I needed help with,” shared Siana, a Drueding resident for 14 months. “Drueding Center does not just focus on housing. They also help you find work. They help you get your kids in school. They assist you with everything. They helped me get on my two feet to be independent.”

Drueding Center resident Daijah shared an important goal she wanted to achieve now that she and her one-year-old daughter have stability: “I want to go back to school to get my GED. At the time, instead of bettering myself getting an education, I had to choose work over getting my high school diploma.”

Drueding Center Has Helped More than 11,000 Individuals Since Its Founding

Through the ongoing support and kindness of donors and grantors, the Center has helped more than 11,000 individuals since its founding 35 years ago. Today, its many programs provide access to:

  • Transitional housing for homeless parents between the ages of 18-24 who have one or more young children
  • Referrals for job training, continuing education, childcare, legal issues, and other social services
  • Advocacy to assist with landlord disputes, subsidized housing, social security, child support, and mental health
  • High-quality childcare
  • Case management support after they move to permanent housing
  • A food pantry featuring a wide range of nutritional items

“The pandemic revealed that our commitment is more important than ever to those who come to us for the support and encouragement Drueding Center and its resource network has been providing for decades,” said Drueding Center Board Vice Chair Linda Perkins. “Every day I am so grateful for such good work being done in Philadelphia.”

“We’re incredibly grateful for our Stairway donors, who help us make a difference in the lives of everyone we serve,” added Anne Marie Collins, Drueding Center’s Executive Director. “Thank you for working together with us to do great things.”

To learn more about Drueding Center, explore volunteer opportunities, or make a donation, druedingcenter.org.