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Insurance FAQ

We accept many insurance plans including Medicare and encourage you to contact your insurer to review your out-of-pocket responsibility for hospital and physician services. If you are uninsured, please call our Financial Counseling staff at 215-938-3837 for information about Medical Assistance, Holy Redeemer Health System Financial Assistance, and self-pay rates.

When your insurance company receives a claim from us, it will apply your coverage, deductibles, co-insurance, and copays against the services you received. 

Your insurer will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) which outlines how your claim was processed. 

If you have questions about the level of insurance coverage applied to your services, please contact your insurer directly.

When you are put in the hospital, you're assigned either observation or inpatient status. In either case, you will receive all necessary services as ordered by your physician. You may be assigned to observation status when your doctors need to observe your medical condition before they proceed to make you an inpatient should your condition worsen, or discharge you if your condition improves. Insurance companies classify observation status as a type of outpatient service. This classification determines which portion of your health insurance policy (outpatient benefits vs. hospitalization benefits) covers the hospital stay.

Please be sure you keep us updated on your most current insurance information. To make an update, call 215-856-1000

Once we confirm you have a balance for services, a bill will be generated. However, this process is dependent on when we receive a response from your insurer. In addition, insurers often request additional information that may delay the processing of claims.

Download Avoid Surprises in Your Medical Bills: A Guide for Consumers to help you understand the questions you should ask to avoid receiving an unexpected medical bill.