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Visitation and Hospital Amenities

The physicians, nurses, and staff of Holy Redeemer Hospital will do their best to make your or your loved one's hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Our commitment to our mission "to care, comfort and heal," ensures that our patients receive high-quality treatment options with a compassionate touch.

Visitation and Hospital Amenities

Hospital Visitation Hours and Amount of Visitors Allowed

Our general hospital visitation guidelines and procedures have not changed. All visitors must still wear a procedural or N95 mask in our facilities. Cloth masks or N95s with vents are not allowed.

  • Emergency Department: 2 visitors allowed
  • Medical Surgery: 12-8 PM, 2 visitors allowed
  • ICU: 12-2 PM and 6-8 PM, 2 visitors allowed
  • Labor & Delivery: 2 banded support persons 24/7 who must remain the same and are permitted to be with the mom in labor
  • After Delivery in Post-Partum Room: 1 banded support person 24/7 permitted to stay with the mom and baby. The 2nd banded support person is permitted to visit from 12-8PM. 2nd banded support person must remain the same during the mom's stay. No children or siblings are permitted at this time.
  • NICU: 2 banded persons 24/7 to visit the baby. They must remain the same.
  • Same-Day Surgery: 1 visitor allowed
  • Senior Behavioral Health Unit: 1-3 PM and 4-6 PM, 1 visitor allowed
  • Hospice/End of Life Care: 2 visitors allowed

Guidance for Visiting COVID Positive Patients

Visitation for hospitalized patients who are positive for COVID: Patients are permitted one (1) visitor one time a day during scheduled visiting hours and must follow the precautions outlined below.

The Visitor:

  • Must by symptom free and wear a procedural mask the entire time they are visiting.
  • Will be given a gown and gloves to wear prior to entering the patient's room and instructed to wear them the entire visit.
  • Will be instructed to keep a six-foot distance from the patient and not leave the room during their visit.
  • When they are finished their visit, the visitor must remove their gown and gloves by the door inside the patient's room and wash their hands.
  • Visitors should immediately leave the hospital after their visit.

The Patient:

  • The patient should also wear a procedural mask during the visit if they are able to do so.

Disclaimer: Visiting a COVID positive patient, you understand that you assume the risk of becoming exposed to COVID even with proper use of PPE. Visitation may be restricted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Safety Requirements

  • All visitors will be screened prior to entering Holy Redeemer Hospital.
  • ALL visitors must wear an approved medical mask (cloth masks and masks with vents are not acceptable) at all times per CDC guidelines for healthcare facilities regardless of vaccination status.
  • Any visitor who does not have an approved mask will be given one upon entry to the hospital.
  • The mask must cover the nose and mouth at all times during the entirety of the visit.
  • Visitors must stay in the room with the patient and practice social distancing as much as possible while in the room.
  • Visitors are prohibited from eating and drinking while in the patient's room.
  • Visitors may be asked to leave if they fail to comply with proper masking.
  • Staff may modify visitation limits dependent on the specific needs of the unit at any given time.

Accommodations for Special Needs
If special needs accommodations are required please communicate your needs to us. If you have questions, please call Risk Management at 215-938-2020.

Outpatient Visitation Policy
Patients visiting our imaging and lab facilities, physician offices, and OR/procedure settings are allowed one (1) visitor at a time. The visitor must follow all masking and social distancing policies.


Effective October 10, 2022. Visitation hours are subject to change.

Parking Garage
Parking is available to all visitors of Holy Redeemer Hospital in the parking garage located behind the Holy Redeemer Medical Office Building (MOB). The parking garage connects with the third floor of the MOB. The third floor of the MOB connects with the ground floor of the hospital building. There is a fee to park in the garage.

Valet Parking
Valet parking is available weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the outpatient registration entrance (ground floor of the hospital). There is a fee for this service.

Outpatient Testing
Patients receiving outpatient testing may be dropped off at the valet parking/outpatient entrance, which is on the hospital's ground floor. Drivers may use either the parking garage or valet parking.

Handicap Parking
Handicap parking spaces are available in the parking garage and outside the Holy Redeemer Medical Office Building (MOB).

Redeemer Health in partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper
Parking is available in front of the hospital building, along Huntingdon Pike. You will be given a token to exit the lot during your visit.

FREE wireless Internet access is available for all patients, residents and visitors.

The Hospitality Cafe, which is located on the first floor, offers a wide variety of food and beverage selections.

Cafe Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday- 6:30am to 7:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays- 6:30 am to 2:00 pm

A coffee cart is located on the third floor of the Medical Office Building (MOB). Take the elevator to the ground floor and follow the signs to the MOB.

An ATM machine (for withdrawal only) is located on the first floor behind the Main Lobby or on the first floor of the Medical Office Building (MOB).

A notary service is available during normal business hours in the case of an emergency. To gain access to this service, please call the operator ("0").