5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

FREE Webinar: Nutrition Strategies for Breast Cancer Prevention


In the U.S., 90-95 percent of cancers are thought to be caused by lifestyle and environmental factors, which includes diet. In fact, dietary factors are thought to account for at least 30 percent of cancers, making diet the second most preventable cause of cancer after smoking. Learn about important nutritional strategies to help reduce your, or a loved one's, risk of breast cancer.

Join us for a free webinar with Registered Dietician, Sarah Riley, MS, RD, LDN, who will take an in-depth look at nutrition strategies to prevent breast cancer. She will dive into the connection of insulin resistance, as well as common nutrient deficiencies and the role they may play in cancer prevention. She will also discuss the importance of gut microbiome and overall digestive health in combatting inflammation. Finally, she will talk about why the quality and cooking method of your food matters when it comes to reducing certain carcinogens.

This is a virtual ZOOM presentation followed by a question and answer period. If you are unable to attend, please register and we will send you a recording of the presentation.

Sarah Riley is a licensed, Registered Dietician who has been with Simplex Health for one and a half years. She completed her BS degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition from Clemson University and her MS/DI in Nutrition from Saint Elizabeth University. Through her personal journey with nutrition, Sarah has seen firsthand the ways in which food can be used as medicine. She is very passionate about taking a holistic, root-cause approach and believes nutrition should be used both preventatively and curatively. Sarah works closely with oncology patients, specifically, and has personally seen how much dietary choices can make a difference with both the prevention and treatment of patients.