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Tree of Lights Celebration

Join us here for our Tree of Lights Celebration.

A light on our virtual tree will be lit for your special loved ones allowing you to honor and remember treasured people in your lives. Our celebration recording will air virtually on this website on Saturday, December 2nd, at 1 p.m., and will remain available throughout December.

There is still time to honor someone for our celebration. Please make a donation today. If you give your gift by November 20th, your loved one's name will appear in our Tree of Lights program. Additionally, a list of loved ones' names will be updated below under the "Our 2023 Lights" section on December 2nd and 20th.

Make a Donation 

Thank you for your support of our Tree of Lights Celebration. With your gift, you are helping us create a homelike environment that eases stress for our patients and provides much-needed support services for families and caregivers. All donations support our hospice care programs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We—including the Sisters of the Redeemer—hold you and your loved ones in prayer during this holiday season. We recognize each light with gratitude, knowing it was lit to remember and honor loved ones with great affection.

Our 2023 Lights

Our "2023 In Memory Of..." list will appear on December 2, 2023. Thank you for your patience.

If we have omitted or misspelled a name in this listings, please accept our apology and reach out to us at giving@holyredeemer.com or call 215-914-4000.